About Leah

Oh, how dull life would be without color!  It is instrumental to our well-being and can evoke a full spectrum of emotions.  Passionate Red… Playful Orange… Serene Blue… there’s so much enjoyment to be had with color!

Welcome to my blog dedicated to color.

My name is Leah Bruns.  I am a nationally certified color therapist and the President and Founder of Puttin’ on the Bliss — a clothing line committed to inspiring women to feel good and have fun!

My passion for color developed during my 20 year career in advertising.  Being in this industry has made me keenly aware of color’s importance to branding and marketing.  Wanting to understand the affect color has on the way people feel and react led me to study color psychology.  In doing so, I grew interested in the highly accepted holistic practice of color therapy.  This healing system utilizes the energy of color to balance and harmonize the mind, body & spirit.  I remained particularly interested in this topic and went on to earn my color therapist certification in 2007 through the National Association of Holistic Wellness.

In 2008, I launched an apparel line that manifested out of my desire to create a simple and fun way for women to receive the benefits of color therapy.  I decided to make it as easy as wearing your underwear with a patent pending line called Color-Me-Balanced Undies.  This line, as well as  other “Feel-Good Apparel” designs that I’ve created, can be found on my company’s Internet store www.puttinonthebliss.com

My goal with this blog is share information and ideas related to color and to inspire more people to live each day colorfully.

I hope that you enjoy my entries and welcome your comments.

If you would like to contact me directly, you can reach me at leah@puttinonthebliss.com

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