Mother’s Day Bouquets

Mother’s day is this weekend and I’m sure the flower shops are selling many bouquets for the occasion.  It is common to pick out a pretty arrangement with a variety of blooms without giving a lot of thought to the message that the flowers convey.  Every flower has a meaning associated with it and it can be great fun to consider the symbolism when picking out flowers for mom this Mother’s Day.   

I recommend getting a bunch of one type of flower.  This really highlights the beauty of the flower you’ve selected and looks very contemporary.

Pink Carnation is the flower attributed to Mother’s Day.  It says, “I’ll never forget you.”  If you like tradition, this is the right flower for you to give.  Carnations are a sign of love, admiration and respect. 

Daisies are lovely, cheerful flowers.  Ideal for a gift to mom, as they are associated with beauty, purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, and patience. 

Orchids come in a huge variety, and are one of the most popular cut flowers.  You can certainly put a beautiful arrangement together with this flower.  The orchid symbolises love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm.  What a fabulous mother’s day flower choice!

Tulips are great for this special occasion.  They are messengers of spring and mean eternal life.  This flower can be given as a potted plant, which is a wonderful gift.  Pink is the best color for mom, as the pink tulip expresses warmth and affection.

If you opt to give roses to mom, yellow is a wonderful choice.  Yellow roses indicate joy and say “I care.”  Pink is another great rose color for mother’s day giving.  Pink roses symbolize happiness, gentleness, grace, and they express thanks.

Flowers are a wonderful indulgence that most moms would never spend the money to buy for themselves.  It’s such a great way to brighten her day and enliven her surroundings.  Treat the moms in your life with love and kindness this Mother’s Day.

Live each day colorfully…


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