Inspiring Violet

This is the last of a series of posts that have walked through the seven major chakras and their energetic colors.  We end with the most divine of the chakra energy centers — the  Crown Chakra.  Essentially, the crown chakra is our halo.  Associated with the white color of light, this chakra also vibrates in harmony with the color Violet. 

The crown chakra connects us to all that is spiritual and universal.  When balanced and developed, it brings us great understanding and wisdom.  A wonderful spiritual connection and blissful awakening is possible through this vital energy center.

When you have an imbalance of this chakra, you are more likely to suffer from depression, feel tired and worn out, and have a lack of faith.  Inspiration starts at the crown chakra and is virtually impossible to become inspired without the energy that it supplies.

The following techniques will help to restore and maintain balance and harmony to your crown chakra.   Using several of these suggestions simultaneously will enhance the effects. 

Color Therapy:

Violet energy is in vibrational harmony with the crown chakra and acts like a tuning fork to awaken your crown.   Colors are wavelengths of light that are measurable.  The violet light ray has the highest frequency of vibrational speed with the shortest wavelength of all visible light waves.  It is a very intense color that provides a lot of energy in small doses.  It can be overwhelming to some peoples senses.  When bringing violet into your wardrobe, a top or an accessory is more than enough.  This color is associated with royalty and denotes luxury and sophistication.  This romantic and feminine color can add energy to your home with flowers, candles, accessories and artwork.  If painting a room with this color, you may want to limit yourself to one wall or a toned-down shade, as too much violet can bring out irritability and impatience.   


Some essential oils that are balancing to the crown chakra are:  Frankincense, Neroli, Rose, and Pine.  You can place a few drops on an aroma lamp, or add to your bath water.  What could be more inviting that a warm bath filled with rose petals and a few drops of rose oil (mixed with jojoba or almond oil).  When traveling, put a few drops on a handkerchief and carry it with you.  When you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, just take a few deep breaths of the aroma in the handkerchief and get re-inspired to action.


Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye are among gemstones that have a positive metaphysical connection to the crown chakra.  Amethyst and Quartz are especially great as touchstones to be held within the hand for their energy.   For a very impactful exercise, place a stone on top of your head and sit erect as you meditate and envision the energy flowing down through your body from above.    Wearing gemstone jewelry is always a very simple and effective way to bring the stones into your life.


Among the most essential things you can do to awaken your crown chakra is to sit in meditation, if only for a few minutes a day.  The crown chakra exists to open us to the universal energy that is beyond our minds.  Quieting the constant chatter of the mind and finding a stillness is what meditation allows us to do.  It is in this stillness that we become open to the divine.  For many people, sitting in silence is among the hardest things to do.  These individuals need the practice desperately.  If you can only sit in stillness for 60 seconds, then start there and work through the practice each day.  It will become more and more comfortable and will soon become a time of great pleasure.  Seek out materials and audio to guide you in the process and make it a part of your life.  It is an integral part of an inspired and awakened life.


Through journaling, we find another outlet to tap into the divine.  Writing out your thoughts, ideas, dreams, worries and fears is a way of letting go of all of that chatter that clutters the mind.  Through the process, you will often find that the most amazing answers and realizations come to light.  If you open yourself up to your inner guide through journaling, you will find that you don’t need anyone outside of yourself to give you your answers.  All of the knowledge and awareness are already within.  You need only allow yourself the space and time to let it flow through you.

Each of the seven chakras that have been explored through this series of posts play a vitally important role in a balanced and harmonious life.  Learn to detect which areas of your life need the most enhancement.  As life changes and evolves, this will change also.  Embrace every color of the rainbow and bring all of the colors into your life. 

Live each day colorfully…


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