The beauty of blue

The throat chakra is the next stop on this series of posts about the chakra system.  This energy center is located at the throat area and is related to communication and creativity.  The color for this chakra is blue.

Physically, the throat chakra is related to the jaw, neck, throat, voice, lungs, airways, and thyroid.

If you have a hard time expressing yourself, suffer from shyness, have any kind of speech defect, feel uninspired, talk too much, tend to lie or exaggerate, or commonly have a sore throat, there is likelihood that your throat chakra is out of harmony.

There are many ways to focus on bringing balance to the throat chakra.  Here are some suggestions to try:

Bring more blue into your life.  This is very easy to do with this beautiful color.  Of all of the colors in the spectrum, blue is the most favored of colors.  For that reason, it is all around.  It is the color of inspiration, peace and tranquility.  Blue gives off a feeling of expansiveness and will make a room seem larger than it is, so it is a great color for decorating with.  Wear blue in the wardrobe and splash touches of blue throughout your surroundings.  It’s presence will help to calm your mind and nerves and help to balance your throat chakra.

Some gemstones that relate to the throat chakra are Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, Blue Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Topaz.  Select a gemstone that appeals to you intuitively.  Try wearing it on a chain directly against the skin.  Lapis is especially beneficial as a stone to hold in your hands for absorbing energy.  Aquamarine or Topaz are ideal for resting on your throat as you lie on your back.  Try to feel the vibrations of the stone as you use it in your energy work.

Some suggested essential oils for the throat chakra are Eucalyptus, Camphor, and Peppermint.  These are very intense oils, so be careful to use sparingly.  They are really great at opening up your airways.  Put a few drops in an aroma lamp to enjoy the stimulating fragrance.  For a chakra aromatherapy massage, mix 2-5 drops of essential oil with a base oil, such as sesame or coconut.  Pour it into your hands and massage it into your shoulders and neck until the oil has absorbed.  If you can get someone who loves you to do this for you while you simply relax into it, even better!

Expressing your creative side is essential to the throat chakra energy center.  Writing, drawing, coloring, painting, and scrapbooking are all fun and effective ways to channel your artistic side and balance this center.  Make time in your life to enjoy these activities.

There are many ways to activate your throat chakra in your daily life:

  • Keep a journal to right down your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings. 
  • If you tend to spend a lot of time indoors, get outside during the day and LOOK UP into the blue sky above.  The blue of the sky is the perfect color for this energy center and just meditating on the beauty of the blue vastness above is so powerful.  5-10 minutes outside under the blue sky is bliss for your throat chakra. 
  • Practice deep breathing.  Especially when there is stress in your life, breathing becomes shallow.  Taking a few minutes a day to focus on rhythmic, deep breathing is a great way to minimize stress and open up your throat chakra. 
  • Make communication a focus in your life.  If you have things that you need to say to the people in your life, don’t hold them in.  Express your admiration, love, gratitude, and grievances regularly.  Be honest and forthright in your communications.  Speak up when you know you should and don’t hold back from expressing all of your love.

Just as blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, this beautiful color that represents the throat chakra is tied to the depths of our deep feelings and emotions.  Having the ability to tap into our inner knowing, and to express ourselves in the outer world is a wonderful  gift that a balanced and harmonized throat chakra can provide.

Live each day colorfully…


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