Open your heart to green

Continuing onward in this series of posts dedicated to the seven main chakras, we arrive today at the fourth chakra — the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest.  This center is associated with the heart and lungs and resonates with the color green.   The color of nature, green’s peaceful, tranquil energy provides refreshment and nurturing to your heart.

With an open and balanced heart chakra you are able to love deeply, feel empathy, forgive and have a sense of peace and centeredness.  Unconditional love, healing, compassion, understanding, warmth, sharing, devotion, and selflessness are all qualities related to the heart center.

Relationship problems are a clear signal that your heart chakra is out of harmony.   If you are having a hard time accepting yourself or others and feeling lonely, isolated, jealous, or lacking in compassion, energizing your heart center will help.

Wear green for the heart chakra.  Wearing the color of the chakra is an easy way to encourage balance.  Similar to the way a tuning fork harmonizes with an instrument, your chakra vibrations will start to harmonize when the proper colors are worn on your body or are in your surroundings.

Emerald, jade, and rose quartz are each wonderful gemstones for harmonizing your heart center.  Follow your own heart to choose which stones to use.  You can wear a stone on a chain to hang against your heart.  Emerald and rose quartz are ideal for holding in your hand for energy.  You can also lie on your back with a stone resting on your chest and breath in the metaphysical energy. 

Aromatherapy oils for the heart include rose, jasmine, lavender, lilac, pine, and eucalyptus.  To enjoy, you can use an essential oil lamp during the day or let a few drops soak into a cotton ball and breath in the scent.  An especially effective treatment to balance the energy of the heart chakra is a bath in rosewater.   Use eight drops of rose oil with four ounces of milk or cream.  Pour that into a warm bath just before entering.  Take it to the next level and invite your loved-one to join you.  With a few candles and rose pedals, you have a perfect romantic setting.

Nature walks are a really great way to fuel your heart center.  This is especially true of walks in lush, green environments.  Get in touch with the beauty of nature and ensure that you have some green plants around your home.

Listening to soft, peaceful music is another wonderful treatment for your heart center.  New age music is very effective for stimulating the heart center.  If you are looking to increase the romance in your life, then playing some romantic melodies over a candlelight dinner (at the table — not in front of the television!) is a sure bet.

Speaking of dinner, don’t overlook the ability to energize your chakras with food.  For the heart chakra, green foods are effective.  Some delicious examples of food that provide green energy are: green grapes, kiwis, green apples, limes, honeydew, peas, greens/lettuce, broccoli, celery, cabbage, spinach, and green herbs.

These simple methods will start to open your heart to more love and nurturing, giving you a head start to being open to changes you may need to make in how you approach your relationships.  Make conscious choices to be more caring and open with your love:

  • Volunteer your time or resources to a person or cause
  • Spend time with the people in your life
  • Give complements
  • Hug!

Live each day colorfully….


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