The Powerhouse Color – RED

Today is the first in a series of  posts dedicated to the seven major energy centers of the body and their corresponding colors.  We start with the root chakra, which sits at the base of the spine and vibrates at the energetic frequency of RED

Just as its color would denote, the root chakra powers your energy, passion, strength, self-confidence, and courage .  It can fuel your determination to achieve your goals and is your energetic powerhouse.   This is the chakra related to survival instincts and helps one to feel grounded and safe.  It is a very dynamic energy center with strong qualities to help you in living a successful life.   This is the ideal energy center to focus on first in your balancing regimen, as an awakened root chakra will also help to draw up energy to all the other chakras.

Physically, the root chakra supplies the pelvic regions and the large and small intestines with energy.  It is also associated with the skeleton, which stabilizes the legs and feet — connecting us to the earth.  The teeth, nails, digestion, and the sciatic nerve are all governed by the root chakra, as is the functioning of the adrenal gland.

People with a strong root chakra have an abundance of energy and a strong will to live.  This stamina helps them to see things through and they are, therefore, more successful in accomplishing the goals they set for themselves.

When you are experiencing a blockage in this first chakra, you will likely feel lethargic and lacking in self-confidence.  You may also experience worry and doubts and have an inability to trust that life will unfold in a positive manner.   By awakening your root chakra, you can overcome these negative feelings and influences.  Following are some methods for bringing balance and harmony to your root chakra:

The element that is linked to the root chakra is the earth.  I find that one of the best ways to bring energy up to the this energy center is to walk barefoot on earth’s natural surfaces.  It is so invigorating to walk on fresh grass or a sandy beach.  Try to do this every day if possible.  Simply throw of your shoes and savor the experience of the earth beneath your feet.  You’ll feel grounded and connected in the most wonderful way.  Now, clearly this is not so pleasureable when it is icy cold outside.  But, when it is nice out, don’t miss this energizing treat.  

Add red into your wardrobe for an immediate boost.  Even small touches in your accessories will impact the energy of your outfit and will project the confidence and power of the root chakra.  Wearing red underwear is also a great way to energize the root chakra.  When you are putting the items on, give thought to the positive influence that the color will have on your vitality and strength throughout the day.  This mental appreciation for the color benefit will increase the result you have.

Crystals and Gemstones store and provide energy and are great tools for chakra healing.  I  recommend cleansing your stones after you buy them.  A quick and easy method is to place them in a bowl of Sea Salt Water and leave them for a day.  This will rejuvenate the power of the stone and will wash away any negative energy that it has absorbed.  Once it is cleansed you can put it to use in your life.  Here are some ideas:

  • Wear as jewelry
  • Carry them with you in a pouch or pocket
  • Place the stone on your chakra point while lying down
  • Put it in the water while you bathe
  • Simply hold it in your hand or set it in front of you

Some great stones to use for your root chakra are: agate, bloodstone, hematite, red coral, red garnet, and ruby.

Physical exercise is great for strengthening the root chakra, as is listening to strong, rhythmical music. 

Eat red foods, such as red peppers, red radishes, red apples, cherries, berries, pomegranates, tomatoes, kidney beans,  and red meat for their red energy as well as the great vitamins and minerals they give your body.

Spending time with family is essential for your root chakra.  Your family is your personal foundation.  If you have poor relationships, it will have a negative effect on your root energy.   If you don’t have a close family and have no way to improve the situation, you can focus on your friends and community and build those relationships.  Having the security of trusting relationships is a key part to having a strong root chakra.

A last tip is to bring red energy into your home.  The living room and/or family room are ideal rooms to enhance with the color red.  This is the place meant for time with family and friends and having red in these rooms will be a great way to put a positive spark into your time spent with them.  You can paint a wall or simply add some decorative touches, such as pillows, pictures, candles, flowers, etc.

I realize that this was a lot of information to share with you about RED and the Root Chakra.  I could have probably written on and on, as there are so many ways to enhance your root energy.  Hopefully, this post has provided you with a few ideas that you can grab and use.  Every color of the rainbow is essential to our wholeness and red is a wonderful place to start!

Live each day colorfully…


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