The Color Key to Wellbeing

The Rainbow is our color key.  It shows us all the colors we need in our lives for our inner light to shine bright.

One of the most uplifting images we get to experience is the rainbow.  It appears naturally in the sky when the mist and light bring to our view the seven primary colors of the spectrum.  It’s an amazing vision that connects heaven and earth, offering us a color key to a brighter inner light for ourselves.

For those who follow a practice of yoga, you are likely quite familiar with the chakra system.  For many, it is an unfamiliar concept.  In translation, the Sanskrit word chakra means “wheel” and that is exactly what each chakra is — a spinning wheel of energy.  The purpose of the chakras is to distribute the flow of energy to the body.  There are seven major chakras that run through the body, located from the base of the spine up to the top of the head.  Each chakra governs a specific set of nerves and organs, as well as mental and spiritual attributes and each creates an energy vibration that matches that of one of the seven rainbow colors.

Although the chakras are essential to our physical wellbeing, they are non-physical in their own structure.  No one has ever found a chakra during a physical examination of the body, so the vision and experience of this system is purely of the mind and spirit.   Whether or not you fully grasp the idea of the chakras, it is scientifically proven that color affects our bodies and minds in very specific ways.  Color is a visual expression of light and light is the most important energy that sustains our life.  Each color has a measurable wavelength and we experience a change in our bodies and minds when we are touched by color’s energy.

I will be devoting my next seven blog entries to the seven chakras and the rainbow colors that they represent.  I’ll write one blog related to each of them and dive deeper into their purpose and potential.  I’ll include  information on how to decide if you are lacking in energy in that particular area of your life and offer tips and inspirations to balance and harmonize your life with the chakra color.  Color is a wonderful, natural power that we can use for positive transformation.   I truly hope you will enjoy these upcoming posts and that they will be helpful in your journey to live each day colorfully…


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