Bright Light City

Elvis sang “bright light city gonna set my soul on fire.”  The lyrics were geared toward Las Vegas and the bright neon lights that excite visitors.  If you’ve ever flown into Vegas at night, you’ve seen first hand how energized the passengers are as the strip becomes visible from above.  Bright, colorful lights can fuel our dreams and stand as a visual representation of our hopes and desires.

During the holiday season we all get to enjoy the fun and excitement of a bright light city.  Residents all around are stringing up lights for our visual enjoyment. 

In my city there is a neighborhood called Winterhaven.  This group of homes is known for their over-to-top decorations and displays that celebrate the holidays.  In weeks to come, there will be hay rides and tours going through these streets to enjoy the scene.  It’s amazing how much enjoyment the colors and lights of the season can instill.  Perhaps there is a similar setting in your area that you can seek out.  It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening with family and friends — and, especially great enjoyment for kids.

Take time now to enjoy the colors and lights that are all around.  Before we know it the holidays will be over and the lights will come down once again.  Let the season’s festivities and colors fuel your passions while the time is here.

Enjoy your holidays!

Live colorfully…


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