Floral Gifts of Color

This past Friday was a Hallmark-imposed holiday–  Boss’s day.  Luckily, I benefited from the day and was gratefully bouquetreducedsurprised to get a special delivery of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  The pink and violet colored arrangement smelled as sweet as it looked.  I placed the vase on my dining room table and couldn’t help but wonder why I don’t make a point of bringing in flowers more often.  They immediately lift up the entire spirit of the room.  Perhaps this is why they make such a fabulous gift that has never gone out of style.  It’s a luxury to purchase fresh flowers on a regular basis — a luxury we are very likely to reason against for budgetary purposes.  I probably will continue to go without fresh flowers on a daily basis.  But, I sure am enjoying this lovely floral gift for as long as it is fresh.

Flowers each have a symbolism that they are known for.  It’s fun to consider the meanings as you are making a decision on what flowers to give.  Here are some of the most common varieties and the best occasions and emotions to provide them for:

Baby’s Breath is a traditional filler flower for bouquets.   These delicate clusters of white flowers are associated with everlasting love, pureness and innocence.

Bird of Paradise is a striking, colorful flower that is spectacularly shaped like a bird’s beak and plumage.  The bright colored flower represents freedom, joy and paradise itself.  It is also the 9th wedding anniversary flower.

Calla Lily is a beautiful and majestic flower that is trumpet-shaped with large leaves, making it really stand out in a bouquet.  A single calla lily in a long stem vase makes a wonderful decoration.  The flower is associated with magnificent beauty.

Carnations have a long history that dates back more than 2,000 years and are rich with symbolism.  Today, they can be found in a wide range of colors and each color has its own meaning.  White is for pure love and good luck; light red stands for admiration; dark red represents deep love and affection;  pink stands for a mother’s undying love.  Carnations are the 1st wedding anniversary flower.

Daffodil is most commonly golden yellow in color.  A symbol of new beginnings and spring, they are thought to bring good luck to your home.  A gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness.  Always give daffodils in a bunch, as a single daffodil bloom is considered to be unlucky.

Rose is a flower that has long been a symbol of love and passion.  As with carnations, there are many varieties and the color offers a specific meaning:  Red is the lover’s rose, symbolic of enduring passion and most symbolically impactful when given as a dozen; white is for humility and innocence; yellow expresses friendship and joy; pink means gratitude and appreciation; orange conveys enthusiasm and desire, purple roses tell of enchantment and love at first sight. 

Sunflower is among my very favorite flowers!  They have such a brilliant and distinctive appearance that I simply cannot resist.  Sunflowers turn their heads to the sun, which is the origin of their name.  This flower is associated with adoration and no other flower can lift spirits quite like a sunflower can.  Bright and cheery, this is the ideal choice for sending happiness and sunny thoughts.

As I enjoy my beautiful gift of flowers over the next several days, I’m going to let it be my reminder of how important it is to “stop and smell the roses” as I move along my path.  I also will be sure to pay it forward in the near future and send a heartwarming bouquet to someone special in my life.

Live each day colorfully…


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  1. I love flowers and I’m lucky enough to have a partner who makes sure there is always flowers in the house for me. I love the different colors and fragrences. I also use flowers for color meditations, same as one would use gemstones.
    Thanks for your article.

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