Cool & Refreshing Blue Water

I live in Arizona.  It is just plain HOT here in the summer months.  With temperatures above 100 degrees, there is little blue_water1280reducedthat one can do for relief except to stay indoors with the air conditioning cranked up.  One thing that can entice some outdoor activity is water.  Cool, refreshing blue water.

Reflecting the blue sky from above, water offers an immediate relief that the summer months would be unbearable without.  Pools are a very common luxury in Arizona.  Lakes are another attraction that get plenty of visitors in the summertime.  For many, a trip to the beach is an annual must.  There is just something so inviting about the water.  I think it is not only the cool feel against the skin.  I believe a major part of the appeal is the beautiful blue hues that water gives off.

Blue is a cooling color.  Just looking at shades of blue will immediately provide some relief from the heat.   Blue refreshes the spirit and calms the mind.  It’s so often a color of choice in spa environments for this very reason.  There is a sense of escape and enjoyment that this color stirs within. 

Think about it… would you really feel the same about jumping into the water if it were the color red?  I think not.

Seek out blue water this summer and live each day colorfully….


2 Responses

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  2. During summer i often go to beach and pools as what you did..the refreshing feeling is so much better for summertime I enjoy playing in the water:)

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