Play with Color

Can you remember a time in your life when pulling out the finger paints and crayons was all you needed to have a12334PP great time?  Certainly there was.  To children, it feels so natural to be expressive and to play with color and art.  But, for too many of us we were either told or taught at some point that there is a specific way that things need to look to be considered good and right.  Left-brained thinking may have taken a strong hold and perhaps you started to believe that you were not artistic and therefore you turned in your paints for good — never to put your inner vision onto canvas or paper again.  If that is the case then it’s high time that you let your inner artist out to play.  You may not think it is a worthwhile use of your time, but it can make a huge impact on your wellbeing.

There is great therapy in being artistic.   Through the process of creating a piece of art you can increase awareness of yourself and cope with many stresses and even tramatic experiences and illnesses.  Art Therapy, as it is called, has made a great impact on the lives of many.  There is a life-affirming pleasure to making art and enjoying your creation.  Even if you never plan to show another soul, take out some time for this important and worthwhile pleasure.

If you have a child at home, that’s a fabulous excuse to make the time.  Children are always looking for someone to join their fun and they are rarely concerned about the realism or technicalities of what is created.  There’s little chance you will have your art judged by a child and you should by no means judge theirs. After-all, each person’s expression is worthy of being admired.   

Spending time on an artistic project is very likely to jolt you out of left-brained thinking and move you rapidly into your right brain mode.   You’ll probably lose track of time and become unaware of anything else going on.  It’s a wonderful release from the everyday grind and can be an effective form of meditation. 

Give it a try.  It’s a really great way to live colorfully…


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