sweet, succulent color

2650687572_f525c27b97webIf you want to find color therapy heaven, head to the fruit section of the grocery store.  How can we doubt the importance of color in our lives when nature has so clearly chosen to point it out to us?  An entire rainbow of healthy treats is all right there in front of us.  There’s no better time than spring and summer to develop a full appreciation for the colorful, delicious goodness that fruits provide.

Beyond tasting fabulous, fruits have vital elements that strengthen our immune systems and impede against the development of diseases like cancer and heart disease.  They are also important for our skin, hair and digestion.  Maintaining a healty diet means eating more nutrient-dense foods — such as fruits and vegetables.

Be adventurous this season and try a few fruits that you may have never had the pleasure of tasting before.  Farmers markets are a great place to find some exotic varieties.  Become very present as you savor the flavors.  Know that your body’s cells are just as excited by the juices as your taste buds are.  Taking care of yourself never tasted so good!

On a hot day, a fabulous alternative to ice cream is frozen fruit.  Two really great fruits for freezing are bananas (especially indulgent when dipped in some dark chocolate) and grapes (which freeze up into perfect bite-size snacks).

Other great ways to enjoy fruits are by juicing, making smoothies, adding to salads, topping ice-cream, adding to cereal, eating dried fruits, adding to meals (think pineapple on pizza or apricots with pork).  There are hundreds of ways to work fruit into your day.  So, have fun and experiment.

See how many colors of the rainbow you can add to your diet this season.

Live each day colorfully…


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