Abloom with Color

untitledwebSpring has arrived!  What a wonderful time of year for color!  Step outside… Breathe in the fresh air… Take it all in.  The weather is great for biking, hiking, picnicking.  It’s as if the outdoors are calling to us, “Get Out Here!”  So, let’s hear the call and head outdoors.  It’s a treat for the senses and you’ll notice that you immediately will feel more alive and in harmony.  The blue skies and green grass are soothing and calming.  The bright colors of the flowers are uplifting and joyful.  The birds are chirping their happy songs.  What could be nicer?

As the longtime saying goes, “take time to smell the roses”.  This is such great advice.  In our fast-paced and hectic lives we can easily forget to get into the moment and enjoy nature.  Springtime is a gift that can only be enjoyed when you are present.  Really notice the colors around you.  There are so many hues and shades to take in.  It’s color therapy heaven!

Here are a few suggestions for getting into the spring of things:

  • Indulge a little and keep some fresh flowers on your desk.  Even a single bloom will bring you much pleasure.
  • The stores are stocked up on brights and florals.  You deserve a new clothing item in a fun color.
  • Open the doors and windows of your home and let the fresh air come in.
  • Get your spring cleaning underway.  There is nothing more liberating that clearing out trash.
  • Eat outdoors
  • Take a walk


Live each day colorfully…


3 Responses

  1. Leah,

    Loved this piece, great photo to boot. Thanks, it’s great inspiration and a boost just in time for spring.

  2. Great post!! We’re a few weeks away from sunny days and full blooms but I can’t wait!! Have you seen the cover for “Style at Home” this week – pink and green flower home design… you would love it!!!

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I’ll be sure to check out that magazine cover. Had not seen it yet, but look forward to getting a copy.

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