A Symphony of Colors

50637-mc-2tsite2Isn’t it fantastic that, no matter what mood you are in, you can hear one of your favorite upbeat songs and suddenly be infused with happiness?  The vibrations within the music are irresistible to our spirit.  This is something that we all seem to be keenly aware of.  But, we tend to pay much less attention to how color lifts us up.  Yet, color — just as music — is made up of vibrations of energy.  In fact, within the study of color therapy every color is related to a musical note.  It is well studied and documented how various colors impact not only our moods and reactions, but also our physical conditions.  So, the next time you need a pick-me-up and it’s not appropriate to blast the music,  simply turn up the color in your life.

Color is so easy to come by when you are paying attention.  You can walk outdoors to take in some fresh air and the blue of the sky.  That is always a welcomed break in a day and will recharge you.  Keep a wonderful throw nearby in a color that lifts your mood and wrap it around you when you need to be embraced in color.  In a pinch you can simply pickup any object of color and focus in on it to absorb the color essence.   Stuck at the computer?  Well, I’m sure you can Google a color choice and get plenty of colorful photos to enjoy.  There is a symphony of colors all around us.  We just need to tune in to it.

Here are some recommendations for your color play-list:

  • RED – Bright red is going to combat fatigue and provide you with instant energy. 
  • GREEN – If you have a tension headache or need to soothe your nerves, seek green.  Try sipping some green tea.
  • BLUE – Blue is a great color for improving communication.  Have an important discussion?  Wear blue.
  • ORANGE – Refresh yourself with orange.  An orange is a great afternoon treat.  Savor the juice, aroma & COLOR!
  • BROWN – If you are feeling a lack of stability and need to feel grounded, earthy brown will help.
  • WHITE – Yes, don’t overlook the power of white.  It can really clear your mind and bring calm.

Every color evokes a mood.  Pay attention to your own reactions so that you can turn up those colors when you need them most.

Live each day colorfully!


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