Color Rocks!

I love colored gemstones.  I always have some laying on my desktop and very often will pick one up for the energy itgemstone20eggs20croppedblog1 provides me.  I also think that they make a fabulous gift to a friend in need.  You’d be amazed at how comforting a crystal or mineral rock can be to a person in a hospital bed or to someone about to take an important exam.  If you don’t currently have any gemstones, I highly recommend you get yourself a sampling.  They are a wonderfully effective tool for energy medicine.

Selecting gemstones can be done instinctively — simply finding the rock that feels right.  Often times the very energy stones you need in your life will find their way to you just by letting your gut take over.  But, I think it is especially helpful to have an understanding of what the known attributes and benefits are to the gemstones.  There is an enormous amount of information available to look up gemstones and their meanings and purposes. 

After purchasing any stones, you will want to do a cleansing of them to ensure that you are not inheriting any negative energy that may be stored up in them.  Some people take cleansing very seriously.  I like to simply set the stone in a clear glass with water & sea salt.  I then place in the direct sunlight for at least several hours.  Rinse… and done.

Some of my favorite gemstones are:

  • Quartz :  Quartz crystals are so versatile.  This crystal helps all of the body’s energy centers and stimulates positive thoughts.  Clear Quartz is great to provide clarity and to aid meditation, whereas Rose Quartz provides a soft, loving energy that promotes love, peacefulness and forgiving.  When there is a loss, hurt, stress or resentment, Rose Quartz is an ideal crystal to use.
  • Diamond:  Okay, this may not be the most affordable stone… but, we women certainly gravitate toward it.  My birthstone happens to by Diamond (which is pretty lucky)!  Beyond being simply beautiful, a diamond symbolizes brilliance, excellence, joy, love, and purity.  It is important to note that Diamonds will powerfully absorb and amplify your thoughts and attitudes.  So, I’d recommend wearing them when you are feeling great and cleansing your diamonds often to clear any negative energy.
  • Aquamarine:  This gemstone is believed to ensure continual happiness and constancy in love and symbolizes health, hope and youth.  It helps reduce fears and increases creativity and intuition.  It also quiets the mind and reduces stress.
  • Tiger’s Eye:  This stone is great to keep in your pocket or purse, as it is helpful in the money and luck area.  This stone also increases confidence and thinking (so great when speaking in public).  This stone is going to amplify what you are thinking about and aid in manifesting — so, focus on positive things when holding it.
  • Turquoise:  Symbolizes happiness, good health, hope, prosperity, and success.  How can you lose?  It makes a fabulous gift for a friend.

And, those are just a few to start with…. the list can go on and on.  Just head to your local mineral store or gift shop and browse the sampling to start your own collection!

Live each day colorfully!


3 Responses

  1. Leah,
    I love the beauty and energy of colored gemstones as well. I especially enjoy the large amethyst I have sitting in my living room. I often look at it while walking through the room as its depth of color is intriguing to me. I have also been drawn to tanzanite for some time and am determined to find a special tanzanite jewelry piece to enjoy!

  2. Tanzanite is a very coveted gemstone that only occurs in Tanzania in East Africa. Very nice pick! Stunning blue color. This semi-precious stone is supposed to act as an elixir to the soul; elevating your mood and freeing you from negative habits.

    Thanks for sharing your comment.

  3. Leah,

    I believe in the power of gemstones, be it the texture or the colors, maybe even the weight of it in a hand. I wear a group of them around my neck and it has the most calming effect!

    Love this piece! Thanks for the post!

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