The Rainbow Connection

rainbowblog4Who can resist the magical beauty of a Rainbow?   They are so fleeting and fabulous!  I believe that the rainbow is our color key.  It shows us all of the colors we need in our life for our own inner light to shine bright.

In the practice of color therapy, the main focus is on the rainbow colors.  This is because it is believed that each of  the spectrum colors has a tie to one of our body’s major energy centers (called chakras).  Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet…  these colors have a great importance to our overall wellbeing and we can achieve more balance and harmony by introducing them into our daily lives.

As a certified color therapist, my posts will share my thoughts and ideas about color.  I will also provide tips and advice for utilizing color in your own life.  I hope you enjoy this blog and that you will share your comments.

Live each day colorfully…


One Response

  1. I agree. I love color and I know when my house is colorful I feel more energetic and happy. I am looking forward to reading more of your interesting articles. Thank you!

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